Machine Guarding and Shop Safety Program


The intent of the machine guarding program is to minimize the risks associated with machine operation through the use of applicable machine guarding and operator training. It is also intended to ensure that there are consistent rules for machine safety and that safe shop practices are provided to protect faculty, staff, students and visitors from shop hazards. 


It applies to all faculty, staff and students whose work duties or studies require them to utilize equipment in machine shops or require them to work with portable power tools. It includes all areas that have machinery and equipment capable of causing injury. It also applies to handheld power tools.


Written Program

Machine Guarding and Shop Safety Program (154 kb, pdf)


Training Requirements

Each person who uses shop equipment must receive training prior to using shop equipment. This training is available in complyND. The Shop Manager can assist users in getting this training.

In addition to the complyND training, users are required to be trained on the equipment they will be operating. This training will be provided by the Shop Manager or designee.


Contractor Requirements

Contractors hired to perform work for the University of Notre Dame shall not use University equipment to perform work. Contracted maintenance trades who maintain trade shops in the University Maintenance Center are exempted from this requirement but must adhere to the written program. Training for contractors working in ND shops must be provided by the contractor company.