Training is an essential element in maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. Training requirements for personnel are established by internal guidelines and regulatory agencies including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Center for Disease Control (CDC), etc., as well as other groups. Employees must receive training on the potential health and safety risks that may be present in their workplace.

To identify what training may be required based on specific job tasks or hazards, please complete either the University’s Laboratory Training Needs Assessment or the Operations Training Needs Assessment form.



Several courses are available in complyND, which is a solution that allows for the assignment and tracking of all required campus compliance training. Please visit for additional details on the system, including available courses, user guides, and how to videos.

Food Safety Training

All student groups and residence halls that plan to prepare and serve food for events during the year must have two members complete the Food Safety Training. One of the Food Safety trained representatives must be present at all times during a concession stand or food service event. Groups are encouraged to have as many members of their organization trained as they wish.

To complete the process, individuals must please view the Food Safety Training Presentation (1MB, pdf) and complete the Food Service Training Quiz

Training Resources