Our Mission

Risk Management & Safety (RMS) supports Notre Dame's mission of education, research, and community engagement through the development, implementation, and administration of comprehensive environmental, health, safety and risk management services. RMS seeks to develop and implement effective programs that promote healthy and safe operations on campus, protect students, faculty, staff and visitors, promote environmental stewardship, maintain regulatory compliance, and manage risk.

Our Vision

A knowledgeable professional organization that is a valued partner, which supports the University's mission with comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety and risk management programs.

Our Values


  • Takes responsibility and ownership for decisions, actions and results.
  • Accountable for both how and what is accomplished.


  • Works cooperatively as a member of a team and is committed to the overall team objectives rather than own interests.


  • Demonstrates honest and ethical behavior that displays a high moral standard.
  • Widely trusted, respectful and honorable.

Leadership in Excellence

  • Demonstrates energy and commitment to improving results, takes¬†initiatives often involving calculated risks while considering the common good.

Leadership in Mission

  • Understands, accepts, and supports the Catholic mission of the University and fosters values consistent with that mission.