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Risk Management & Safety
636 Grace Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: See below
Fax: (574) 631-8794
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RMS Management & Safety Org Chart 12-14-2022 (499kb)


Name, Title Phone Number Duties
Anna Belote
Senior Director, Risk Management & Safety
631-8980 Overall responsibility for Environmental Health and Safety and Compliance, planning, management, and execution of safety programs, policy and procedure, strategic development, and business continuity.


Safety Team

Name, Title Phone Number Duties
Randy Crist, ASP
Assistant Director, Safety
631-6025 Incident Reporting & Investigation, Contractor Safety, Safety Audits, Good Catch Program, Special campus events, Operations Safety Committee, Local/State/Federal regulatory agency contact
Fall Protection, Electrical Safety, Machine Guarding & Shop Safety Safety Support for Athletics, FDO divisions
Kariann Nisley
Safety Specialist
631-8906 Aerial Lifts, Confined Space Entry, Hot Work, Overhead Crane & Hoist, Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts) Safety Support for FDO Departments (Landscape Services, Maintenance, Utilities), Student Activities, Rec Sports, DPAC
Nick Ratkay
Safety Specialist
631-8624 Emergency Action Plans, Combustible Dust, Job Hazard Analysis, Ladders & Scaffolding, Lock/Tag/Try. Excavation & Trenching Safety Support for Building Services, NDPD, NDFD, Warehouse/Delivery/Transportation, Recycling, Sustainability, OIT


Lab Safety Team

Name, Title Phone Number Safety Focus Safety Support
Amanda Snyder, MPH
Assistant Director, Laboratory Safety, Chemical Hygiene Officer
631-8167 Safety for: Chemical Safety, Chemical Approval/Shipping, Experimental Review, Import Permitting, Infectious Shipping, and Lab Safety; Training for: Category B Biological, Dry Ice, and DOT Warehouse Safety Support for Biology, BSL-2 spaces, Chemistry, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Freimann, Harper, IUSM, KECK, McCourtney Hall, ND Research Core Facilities, and UNDERC
Adam Kratt, CSP
Lab Safety Specialist
631-3698 Safety for: PPE Program & Assessment, Radiation Safety, Slips, Trips, & Falls, and Lab Safety; Training for: Hazard Communication and Radiation Safety.  Safety Support for CEST, Innovation Park, Jordan teaching labs, ND Turbo, Physics, Radiation Laboratory, and Risk Management & Safety
Alex Molesan, MS
BioSafety Specialist, Biosafety Officer
631-6701 Safety for: Biosafety, Lab Safety  Safety Support for Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Anthropology, Art, Art History, & Design, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, NDPD, and Psychology 


Environmental Team

Name, Title Phone Number Duties
Erin Hafner, MPA, CESM
Assistant Director, Environment & Health
631-7889 Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Asbestos, Bloodborne Pathogens, Emergency Planning, Ergonomics, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Hearing Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Refrigerants, Respiratory Protection, Sharps, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure, Universal Waste, and UST
Bill Wolter
Hazardous Materials Technician
631-4942 Hazardous Waste Discard Tag System Assistance, Hazardous Waste Disposal, and Annual Laboratory Hood Evaluations.  


Compliance and ComplyND Team

Name, Title Phone Number Duties
Eric Doland, CSP
Assistant Director, Compliance Assurance
631-4944 complyND, Environmental, Health, and Safety training and audit processes, Action Items,  Incidents, Inspection analysis and reporting, and OnBase
Carla Gruse, RWCS
Systems Program Manager
631-7532 complyND, EHS Insight, Worker's Compensation, and Stages, Tents, and Canopies
Kelsey Edwards
Finance and Data Associate
631-2232 Data analysis and reporting through Tableau for Injuries, Investigations, Action Items, and Inspections, and general departmental support and accounting
Janel Taylor
Administrative Assistant (PT)
631-4330 Newsletters, website, and general departmental support.


Radiation Safety Officer

Name, Title Phone Number Duties
Andrew Welding
Interim Radiation Safety Officer
631-6701 Manage and oversee the University's Radiation Safety Program and Laser Safety Program. Designated RSO and Laser Safety Officer for the University, provide day-to-day oversight of radiation and laser safety practices. This includes liaison for Radiation Shipping/Waste Vendors, Radiation Approval/Shipping, and Radiation Safety/Sources; Training for: Radiation, Radiation Refresher, and DOT Warehouse