Radiation Safety


The University of Notre Dame is committed to a program that will keep individual and collective doses of radiation as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).  The University works to meet these regulations by training individuals who use radioactive materials and radiation producing machines in safe practice, monitoring for radiation exposure, and conducting surveys for contamination and external radiation dose on a regular basis.

The Radiation Safety Officer shall approve all purchases of radioactive materials, maintain an inventory of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines, and manage the disposal of all radioactive waste from the University.

Written Program

Training Requirements

For users of radioactive materials, initial training and annual refresher training is required.

For personnel frequenting a lab (more than 2X/week), using, or storing radioactive material - initial awareness training and annual refresher training is required. These courses can be assigned through eNDeavor. The course names are:

  • RMS - Radiation Awareness Training
  • RMS - Radiation Safety Modules 1, 2, 3 (All three must be completed for initial training)
  • RMS - Radiation Safety Refresher

After completion of Modules 1, 2, and 3, initial trainees must contact the Radiation Safety Officer (email or call 1-6701 from a campus phone) to arrange "hands-on" training for a survey meter, lab surveys, waste protocol, and pre-natal radiation safety. 

Waste Disposal

All radioactive waste shall be picked up by RMS.  The online Radioactive Waste Pickup Form shall be used to request a RMS pickup and to label the radioactive waste container for disposal.


Applications/Request Forms Inspection Forms

Application for Radioisotopes or Additional Quantities

Request for Facility Approval for Radionuclide Usage

Radiation User Inspector Report (14 kb, pdf)

Responsible Investigator Application

Request for Film Badge Service


Radiation Producing Machine Registration Application

Radioactive Waste Pickup Form


Authorization for Releasing Radiation Exposure (203 kb, pdf)    

Regulatory Requirements