Transportation Safety

Several safety topics are gathered together to form a safety category called Transportation Safety. Those safety topics are listed below along with detail regarding each Transportation Safety topic. 

Shipping Hazardous Materials 

Hazardous Materials are generally defined as any substance that could adversely affect the safety of the public, handlers, or carriers during transportation. Hazardous material regulations apply to commercial products, chemical mixtures, newly synthesized compounds, and items contaminated with hazardous substances. Risk Management and Safety department personnel are available to provide guidance regarding shipping regulations. That process can begin by completing this Hazardous materials shipping request form (109 kb, pdf) at least 72 hours before the material must be shipped. There are many regulatory requirements for shipping hazardous materials form campus to other locations. To ensure compliance for the 24/7 emergency contact requirement, the University has signed a contract with InfoTrac. Please refer to the Infotrac Emergency Contact And Response (217 kb, pdf) guidance document to see how to use this service when shipping hazardous materials domestically or internationally by air (IATA), ground (DOT) or water (IMDG). Additional detail can be found in the University of Notre Dame Hazardous Material / Dangerous Goods Shipping Policy (102 kb, pdf)

Golf Carts

Details regarding golf cart rental can be found at Transportation Services website. Golf cart training is required of everyone who operates a golf cart on campus. This training can be completed in complyND by assigning a course titled "RMS - Motorized Off - Road Vehicle Safety Course - 2015".