Respiratory Protection Plan


The Respiratory Protection Plan is in place to protect the health and safety of University of Notre Dame employees who work in areas that may have irritating or hazardous atmospheres. An irritating or hazardous atmosphere is one that contains levels of dust, smoke, fog, fumes, mists, vapors or gases which meet or exceed levels that are causing irritations or are considered to create adverse health effects by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

In order to use a respirator the user must be trained, have a medical clearance exam, and be properly fitted.  Please contact Risk Management and Safety at 631-5037 for assistance.

Written Program

Respiratory Protection Plan (1,141 kb, pdf)


Training Requirements

There are many important concepts and safety precautions that must be understood by respirator users before they wear a respirator. Risk Management and Safety provides respiratory protection training on an annual basis or when other changes in the process or chemicals used occur.  Training is provided through complyND. The training includes when and why the respirator is needed, the hazards to which may be exposed, the limitations and capabilities of respirators, respirator selection, the type and frequency of respirator inspections, how to properly don, doff, wear, adjust, care for and maintain their respirator, how to check for a proper respirator fit, respirator malfunctions and emergencies, how to identify signs that the cartridge is not properly working and the basis of the Respiratory Protection Program.

Please see Full Face Respirator Donning and Doffing Instructions (pdf).

Equipment Orders

The University has standardized the types of respirators used. The Respirator Equipment List (189 kb, pdf) provides a catalog of pre-selected respirators most frequently needed on campus. Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manuals are provided for the North 5400 and 7600 as well as the North 7700 series respiratorsThe Respirator Cartridges Handout (518 kb, pdf) provides information on the various types of cartridges available (and their intended uses) for the respirators on the Respirator Equipment List. If you have any questions about the listed equipment or need items not listed, please contact Risk Management and Safety.

Regulatory Information

The University of Notre Dame Respiratory Protection Plan outlines the proper implementation, operation and record keeping as required by 29 CFR 1910.134.