VPP Toolkit

Wondering what your part can be in keeping our campus safe? This VPP Toolkit has been developed as a quick reference guide for all employees on ways to get involved in safety, what to expect in the VPP onsite evaluation process, and other helpful resources and information related to VPP.

How Employees Can Be Involved

This list provides examples of meaningful ways in which employees can become actively involved in the health and safety program.

How Employees Can Get Involved

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This list provides examples of questions that employees may be asked during the formal onsite evaluation conducted by the VPP team. These questions can be used in helping prepare employees for the evaluation process. NOTE: The onsite evaluation is conducted after the University formally applies for certification into the program.

Example Employee Interview Questions

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This link is for employees to use to report a general safety concern or hazard (Good Catch / Near Miss Form) or to provide a safety suggestion. This link can also be accessed using any smart device by visiting the ND Mobile App and clicking on “Report a Hazard” as seen in the image.

Hazard Reporting


Do you know the details of what to do in the event of an emergency for the building or area you work in? Click the blue button below for a link to our database of Emergency Action Plans by building.

Emergency Action Plans

Osha Worker S Rights

This links to OSHA's Worker Rights and Protections web page which covers all that you are entitled to under federal law. Also included are a comprehensive amount of FAQ's regarding employers' responsibilities, injuries and workplace safety.

Your Rights Under OSHA

Action Items Dashboard

This links to RMS's Metrics web page which holds safety dashboards. Metrics allows us to recognize trends and anticipate subsequent incidents in order to build a safer work environment.

University Safety Metrics