VPP Accomplishments

Since beginning to pursue VPP, the University has achieved the following accomplishments:  

  • Found 1,800 safety gaps across campus and corrected over 86%.
  • Created VPP Safety Assessment Dashboard tracking tool.
  • Partnered with Eli Lilly, our VPP mentor; coordinated several visits.
  • Attended VPPPA participants association which gives us access to VPP seminars and other VPP members.
  • Hosted Purdue University safety personnel.
  • Attended the Indiana Best Practices meetings with other VPP sites.

Notre Dame Success Stories


Maintenance Department - Great use of visualizations with safety tape to draw attention in mechanical spaces. Huge thanks to John Kuczmanski in Zone 4.


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Duncan Student Center - Nick Ratkay, Dock Administrator Notre Dame Stadium Complex, did a great job in adding pipe rail barriers and floor markings in DSC's storage/mechanical areas.




Monthly Contractor Safety Meetings

Tony Polotto and Chip Farrell with FDO have implemented monthly mandatory contractor safety meetings. These meetings, which include all contractors currently performing work on campus, cover the following topics:

  • Specific training expectations
  • Policy and procedure refreshers (e.g., confined space, excavation permits, etc.)
  • Safety topic of the month (e.g., contractor parking, ATV policy, roof safety)
  • Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
  • Opportunities for question and answer

OSHA Success Stories