Safety Alert - Heat Advisory

Author: Risk Management and Safety

Heat Exhaustion Graphic


The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for our area for the next several days. The combination of hot temps and high humidity create a situation in which heat-related illnesses are possible to those performing strenuous work outside or hot indoor environments. Multiple, consecutive days of exposure increases the risk.

RMS recommends that departments and supervisors familiarize themselves with the signs and symptons of heat-related injuries and take proactive steps to minimize the risk to our employees.


Stay Cool

· Schedule strenuous activities at a time when the heat index is lower

· Schedule frequent breaks in cool, shaded areas

· Encourage workers to wear sunscreen and light, loose-fitting clothing

Stay Hydrated

· Remind workers to drink water often (about 4 cups per hour)

· Avoid caffeinated drinks

Stay Alert

· Review heat related illness signs/symptoms and prevention in pre-shift meetings

· Monitor workers —use the buddy system, watch for signs of heat-related illnesses

· Report possible heat-related injuries to supervisors and have employees seen at the NDWC


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