Daily Safety Talks (Toolbox Talk) Training Library now available

Looking for safety topics for your next meeting, daily huddle or informal group discussion? Our Daily Safety Talks (Toolbox Talk) Training Library contains brief documents that can be used to promote a culture of safety by training personnel on various safety & health issues, as well as facilitate health and safety discussions. You can f…

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New Inspections and Assessments web page published

Risk Management and Safety is excited to share it's newly published Inspections & Assessments web page which is a single comprehensive location for various assessment processes, as well as associated resources. Included on the page are the six types of assessments and their specific resources such as schedules, checklists and links to associated web pages. A step-by-step assessment preparation plan is provided to help better prepare and succeed on any inspection.…

Snow and Ice Awareness

Slips, trips, and falls are the largest cause of injury at the University, especially during winter weather. Having an awareness of hazardous conditions due to ice and snow remains key to prevention of an injury. For tips on walking safely on ice and snow, please see the Snow and Ice Awareness Safety Notice…

New Back Safety and Injury Prevention Training

Back Safety and Injury Prevention training is now available in complyND. The training is for employees whose jobs present ergonomic risk factors for back injury. The training provides information on maintaining proper posture, minimizing stress, living a healthy lifestyle, and improving strength and flexibility to prevent back injury. Please contact Erin Hafner at ehafner@nd.edu…

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New Automated Fall Protection Tool

With OIT’s assistance, Risk, Management & Safety (RMS) has developed an automated fall protection equipment inventory and inspection tool. By entering equipment into the new OnBase system, RMS and departments can create a digital fall protection inventory. Automating annual inspections provides another key advantage. Inspections are now assigned to competent persons via email and inspection results are digitally recorded eliminating the need to file and track paperwork. Links to the new forms can be found on the Fall Protection…

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Updated Stage, Tent & Canopy Procedure

Risk, Management & Safety (RMS) and Notre Dame Fire Department (NDFD) have updated the Stage, Tent & Canopy Procedure. One of the primary changes is that the Application Form for Stages, Tents & Canopies has been updated to a Qualtrics form. This tool now provides localized storage of completed forms and allows RMS and NDFD access to the forms. It can be found by clicking here…

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New Metrics web page published containing the University's safety dashboards

A new Risk Management and Safety Metrics web page has been created for easy access to the University's safety dashboards in Tableau. Included on the page are eight hyperlinked dashboards with explanations of the data contained within each. The dashboards fall under the high level categories of Balanced Safety Scorecard Data, Injury and Illness Data and Assessment Data. This data helps in recognizing trends with the purpose of creating a safer work environment. In the future, the page will be updated as new dashboards are created.…

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Updated Hot Work Permit application

Effective February 1, 2020, the University launched an updated online Hot Work Permit application (app). It is available on the Risk Management & Safety Hot Work web page under the section heading Hot Work Permit. For more information, please read the Safety Notice here…

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Academic lab safety analyzed

For an accurate and thorough view of the state of academic lab safety in North America, please read the recently published review article from Nature Chemistry:  "A review and critique of academic lab safety". It covers the type and frequency of accidents, contributing factors, safety attitudes and has a call to action and suggested safety programs.

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New electronic forms developed for campus safety programs

Risk Management & Safety is in the process of developing new Qualtrics forms to be used with the University’s safety programs. These forms will be paperless and can be completed from a phone if need be.  RMS will also have access to the information making any follow up more efficient.  Some of the forms currently available in this format are the Confined Space Entry Field Evaluation and Reclassification Form, Hot Work Field Evaluation, LTT Field Evaluation, and Training Needs Assessment.

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Changes in medical treatment options for work-related injuries

Risk Management and Safety has issued this notice regarding after-hours medical care for Notre Dame employees injured at work.   As of Sunday, Oct. 27, Medpoint24 no longer treats patients 24 hours a day. Due to this change, injured employees and/or supervisors and managers should use the following options for after-hours medical care:…