Infectious Waste


Risk Management and Safety is responsible for safely collecting, handling and disposing of infectious waste. 

Written Program

Infectious Waste Procedure (202 kb, pdf)

Infectious Waste Procedure Training Deck (110 kb, pdf)

Training Requirements

All personnel generating or handling infectious waste shall be trained in Biosafety prior to generating or handling hazardous waste, and then as needed or as deficiencies are found.

If working with human pathogens, training on the Bloodborne Pathogens Control Plan (427 kb, pdf) in complyND is required.

RMS Disposal

All non-autoclavable infectious waste shall be picked up by RMS.  The online Biohazardous Waste Discard Form shall be used to request a RMS pickup and to label the biohazardous waste container for disposal.


Biohazardous Waste Discard Form

Infectious Waste Checklist (76 kb, pdf)