Waiver Release and Indemnification Agreements

The Risk Management and Safety Department, in collaboration with the Office of General Counsel, prepares Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreements for individuals participating in voluntary events, activities, programs, and travel supported by the University. Agreements are individualized and may be requested by completing the registration form (14 kb, word doc)

Programs Involving Children

Departments or individuals with programs which involve children are required to follow the Protection of Children Policy and the criteria outlined therein.  Waivers, which must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, are available on the Protection of Children Website.

Children volunteering or shadowing in science laboratories must follow the Laboratory Policy; safety training and protocol is required and waivers should be signed by a parent or legal guardian:  Children in Laboratories

   Employee or Student Driving Personal Vehicle on University Business or Traveling
   to or from a University Function, Event or Activity 

   Waiver for Personal Vehicle Use 


Questions regarding waiver, release and indemnification requirements may be directed to the Risk Management and Safety Department: bdavey@nd.edu