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In the event of an emergency, please contact NDSP by dialing 911 from a campus landline, or (574) 631-5555 from a cell phone. 

For those needing to apply for a tent, here is quick access to the Tent Application and the Stages, Tents, and Canopies web page which contains more information regarding the process.




Snow and Ice Awareness

Slips, trips, and falls are the largest cause of injury at the University, especially during winter weather. Having an awareness of hazardous conditions due to ice and snow remains key to prevention of an injury. For tips on walking safely on ice and snow, please see the Snow and Ice Awareness Safety Notice…

New Back Safety and Injury Prevention Training

Back Safety and Injury Prevention training is now available in complyND. The training is for employees whose jobs present ergonomic risk factors for back injury. The training provides information on maintaining proper posture, minimizing stress, living a healthy lifestyle, and improving strength and flexibility to prevent back injury. Please contact Erin Hafner at ehafner@nd.edu…