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Safety and environmental concerns on campus can be reported to Risk Management and Safety by emailing our department. In the event of an emergency, please contact NDSP by dialing 911 from a campus landline, or (574) 631-5555 from a cell phone. 

Important changes regarding medical treatment options for work-related injuries (click here).



Emergency Signage

Changes in medical treatment options for work-related injuries

Risk Management and Safety has issued this notice regarding after-hours medical care for Notre Dame employees injured at work.   As of Sunday, Oct. 27, Medpoint24 no longer treats patients 24 hours a day. Due to this change, injured employees and/or supervisors and managers should use the following options for after-hours medical care:…

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Watch the Safety Summit video

All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to watch the Safety Summit video featuring Charlie Morecraft, a dynamic speaker who shares his personal story that illustrates the impact that personal decisions can make on one’s life and the lives of his or her family members. In 1980, Charlie Morecraft was working the night shift at an Exxon oil refinery in New Jersey. When he went to one of the manifolds in the refinery to change out a blank on a pipeline, a surge of chemicals came gushing out. He ran to his truck, seconds before it exploded. “Everything I had, I lost in one split second,” Morecraft said.…